Perspectives of the Struggles for Remembering and Commemoration – Hanau and Beyond

This podcast episode commemorates the extreme right-wing terrorist act of 2/19/2020 in Hanau. Guests are Dr. Hannah Peaceman, Ibrahim Arslan, Ali Yildirim and Ulrich Chaussy. The conversation revolves around, among other things, the power of those affected and networking, about the overlooking of survivors’ concerns and demands. The subject of the exchange is also the multiple burden of many activists: being directly affected by racism, the repeated struggle and enlightenment – also by renouncing the pursuit of original life and career paths.

About the event

Nine people with a migration history were victims of a right-wing extremist perpetrator of violence in Hanau on February 19, 2020; he targeted places frequented by migrant youth. The memory of these murders has generated strong impulses of resistance and self-organization.

Literature, links and background information

Website journal ‘Yalta. Positions on the Jewish present’

Information on the Möllner speech in exile

Website Education Initiative Ferhat Unvar
Website Initiative February 19

Ulrich Chaussy (2020): The Oktoberfest Attack and the Erlangen Double Murder – How Right-Wing Terrorism and Anti-Semitism Have Been Repressed Since 1980

Podcast episode on the double murder in Erlangen of Shlomo Lewin and Frida Poeschke

Posters with sketched portraits of the people killed in the Hanau attack

Since 2000, the NSU has used the same weapon to murder: Enver Şimşek (38) – murdered on 9 September 2000 in Nuremberg, Abdurrahim Özüdoğru (49) – murdered on 13 June 2001 in Nuremberg, Süleyman Taşköprü (31) – murdered on 27 June 2001 in Hamburg, Habil Kılıç (38) – murdered on 29 August 2001 in Munich, Mehmet Turgut (25) – murdered on 25 February 2004 in Rostock, İsmail Yaşar (50) – murdered on 9 June 2005 in Nuremberg, Theodoros Boulgarides (41) – murdered on 15 June 2005 in Munich, Mehmet Kubaşık (39) – murdered on 4 April 2006 in Dortmund, Halit Yozgat (21) – murdered on 6 April 2006 in Kassel.

On November 23, 1992, two neo-Nazis murdered Bahide Arslan (51), Yeliz Arslan (10) and Ayşe Yılmaz (14) in an arson attack in Mölln. As a 7-year-old at the time, Ibrahim Arslan survived the crime and is now an activist in anti-racism work.

Podcast episode on the right-wing terrorist attack in Halle

On June 9, 2004, anail bombdetonated in the Keupstraße in Cologne-Mülheim, injuring 22 people, some of them seriously. The attack could only be attributed to the right-wing terrorist National Socialist Underground (NSU) after its self-disclosure in November 2011.

The Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann was a far-right organization that existed in the 1970s and 80s around the neo-Nazi Karl-Heinz Hoffmann and can be linked to the double murder of Shlomo Lewin and Frida Poeschke.

Website of the NSU Tribunal

Festival of Resilience website

Podcast episode about Semra Ertan

Book “My Name is Foreigner” by Semra Ertan

Book “Haymatlos” edited by Tamer Düzyol & Taudy Pathmanathan

Podcast episode in memory of Şahin Çalışır with guests Kutlu Yurtseven and Orhan Çalışır.

Blanka Zmigrod podcast episode

Photo and book project “The Relatives” by Jasper Kettner and Ibrahim Arslan


Book “Texts after Hanau
The Hanau Protocols
From Mölln to Hanau: Remembering means changing

Podcasts, music

Podcast “190202
Song “Are you awake” by Azzi Memo (feat. (feat. Nate57, Veysel, Sinan G, Kool Savas, NKSN Rola, Disarstar, Meastro, Hanybal, Celo & Abdi, Manuellsen, Silla, Credibil, Ali471, Milonair, Mortel, KEZ)
Song “Petrichor” by Chefket


Datteltäter – “1 year after Hanau – conversations with survivors of the racist attack“.
Monitor – “One year after Hanau: incomplete investigations“?
Kampnagel Hamburg – “No extras! Activist Practices in the Culture of Remembrance


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