Connectedness, trust and mutual empowerment process – Halle

We remember the right-wing terrorist attack on the synagogue in Halle 2019 and on the Kiez kebab in this episode. The guest is Ismet Tekin, a survivor of the attack and co-owner of Café TEKIEZ, which is the name of the former Kiez-Döner today. Also guests are Jelle and Nele from the solo-group TEKIEZ. Among other things, the conversation is about trust and mutual empowerment processes, networks of solidarity, and at the same time the recognition of different affectednesses and also political interpretations.

About the event

On Yom Kippur 2019, the highest Jewish holiday, a right-wing terrorist attempted to murder those inside the synagogue in Halle/Saale; after failing to gain entry to the building, he killed passerby Jana Lange outside the building and, shortly thereafter, guest Kevin Schwarze at the Kiez-Döner snack bar.

Literature, links and background information

Facebook page Tekiez Breakfast Café

Spiegel interview with İsmetTekin

Information about the actionSoli-Shirts for the Tekiez

Radio Corax about the Tekiez:

“… when politicians* come to lay down their flowers and empty words for a photo“.
Tekiez – a place of remembrance after the Halle attack
Who speaks and who listens – commemoration on the 2nd anniversary of the attack
Right cue – protests of the movement hall

In an attack on two mosques, a right-wing terrorist killed 51 people and seriously injured another 51 for anti-Muslim reasons in Christchurch, New Zealand, on March 15, 2019.

Thomas Kemmerich had been elected prime minister on February 5, 2020 by the votes of the AfD and resigned shortly afterwards.

Website of the Mobile Victim Counseling Service

Website of OFEK – Counseling for victims of anti-Semitic violence and discrimination. Advice for schools and other institutions in the wake of anti-Semitic incidents

Website of the Federal Association RIAS e.V.

Kutlu Yurtseven is guest in the episode about Şahin Çalışır

Sukkot is the Festival of Harvest and Tabernacles; it reminds Jews of the lives of their ancestors as they fled Egypt.

Festival of Resilience website

On the discussion about right-wing “lone perpetrators

On the public self-staging of right-wing assassins via livestream, among other things: “Right-wing first-person shooters. From Virtual Agitation to Livestream Assassination” edited by Jean-Phillip Baeck and Andreas Speit 2020

On far-right online worlds and global networking: “Hate Warriors. The New Global Right-Wing Extremism” by Karolin Schwarz 2020

On antifeminism and incels: “Political Masculinity. How Incels, Fundamentalists and Authoritarians Mobilize for Patriarchy” by Susanne Kaiser 2020

On the Myth of White Supremacy:
Federal Agency for Civic Education: History and Politics of Whiteness in the U.S.
Deutschlandfunk: “It’s about designing an ‘Us Versus Them’“.

Survivor Naomi Henkel-Gümbel at the Mölln speech (54:50-1:07:00): Möllner speech in exile

Naomi Henkel-Gümbel in the Dissens Podcast

Remembrance Initiatives


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